Discover the Untapped Power of Data

...and transform your online business with these 3 hidden secrets!


You’re WAY ahead of the curve just by being here - cheers to you!


90% of online business owners aren’t actually leveraging data, and yet, data is more important than ever. Especially as buyers get more discerning and algorithms are ever-changing 🤪

  • Data is the only thing that is proven to make you  23x more likely to acquire a client, 6x more likely to retain them and 19x more likely to be profitable. 
  • Data is the only thing that can tell you what’s working and what’s not in your own business
  • Data is what allows you to navigate the ever-changing (and it’s changing FAST) online landscape with absolute clarity and certainty
  • Data is what sets you  apart as a coach and service provider in this industry (and if you’re  not using it with your clients you’re missing out- and so are they!)

The seven-figure + businesses you look up to?

They’re using data to make decisions, and aren’t just copying/pasting someone else’s strategy.

It’s time you do the same and see the results that come with it!

This training isn’t a bunch of fluff or time you’ll never be able to get back

(trust us, we’ve been to those trainings and it’s not how we roll)

This is your free crash course in how you can leverage data in your business to maximize revenue, profit, and time. 

So grab your airpods and get ready to:

  1. Learn the 3 hidden secrets most of the online space won't tell you that you can use to guarantee better results
  2. Start knowing things in your business you have previously only made guesses around
  3. Understand data in an entirely new way (and how you can leverage it for yourself AND your clients)
  4. Feel more empowered in your business than ever before
  5. Have total clarity on how you can get the answers you need from your business

→ yes, all in this one training! 


Just for joining us, we'll also gift you with our step-by-step process for starting to collect data in your business TODAY (that literally ANYONE can put into practice immediately- yes, even us non-techy people!)
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“I've always wondered which emails in my automations were actually leading to sales... I had no idea that info has been sitting in GA this whole time!" -


Meet Your Teachers 👋

We're Lacey and Jen… the brains (and beauty) behind Datable. And we’re the perfect people to help you become datable.

We’re those high achievers who wanted all the results that knowing your numbers provides, but were really intimidated and frustrated by the process of getting them.

To be frank, we’re not numbers people. Maybe you’re not either?

But we’re definitely “do what works and keep working it to get epic results” people. So we had to find a way to get intimate with our numbers that didn’t make us want to cancel the date and hide out with some ice cream and Netflix. 

And now that we have? We're obsessed with showing you how to do the same.

Having each built our own seven-figure businesses and worked behind the scenes in countless other successful businesses, we can confidently tell you that knowing your data is the biggest game-changer there is, and it’s more important now than ever. 

We know for sure that we can help you make strategic, data-driven decisions, without all the confusion and exhaustion that make so many business owners lose confidence and give up. 

There’s a way to create massive success… and your numbers are the key to getting there.

Inside this training, we’re going to teach you how to find them, leverage them, and finally feel in control of your own success (and no longer be at the mercy of someone else “telling you how they did it” - ick).  

Ready to understand your path to success in an entirely new way and have a personalized roadmap to the results you know you’re meant for?

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